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that's it for us. thanks for watching.
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a man with an ak-47 goes into a school in georgia. we're live on the scene tonight. tonight. plus new details on the so-called conference call between al qaeda leaders and how american intelligence discovered it. this is one incredible story. and police say three oklahoma teens shot and killed an unarmed man. just for the fun of it. because they said they were bored. let's go outfront. good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight i want to begin with the breaking news with the new details breaking tonight about a gunman who opened fire at a georgia elementary school today. the suspect was armed with an ak-47 when he began firing inside the school. you can see here the footage of the children sprinting hundreds
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seeing how exactly this happened
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that they allegedly shot this 22-year-old innocent man in the back and killed him. what else did you see on that surveillance video?
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our fifth story "outfront" death of a legend, best selling author elmore leonard died today. he was known for gritty realism and forceful dialogue, referred to as the dickens of detroit. 26 of his books have been adapted for the big screen, get shorty quoigt out of sight quoi 310 to yuma." we talked about paying tribute to someone of the great writers,
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we thought one of the best ways was to hear from the man himself. >> i'll come to my desk about 9:30 and work. but i always work until 6:00. rarely have lunch. the idea of lunch doesn't interest me at all, i'm not hungry. i'm just into what i'm doing. i write in longhand, and it's just to me that's writing, you know? and then i put it on a typewriter. i just stop at 6:00 because you got to stop sometime. but, still, yeah, the character, though, could still be in my head. and maybe i might even sound hike that character. maybe all day long i might sound like that character. and my wife might say, well, i know who you are today. i never, ever write from my own point of view. i never use my words. i don't want them to hear me telling them what the -- or
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showing them what the book is about. i want them immersed in it the same way that i am. but, still, the satisfaction is sitting right here. and i do think about it every once in a while. that here i am all alone. i'm looking out the window. and i'm just fooling around with a scene. i'm writing a story. i'm all by myself writing the story. and somebody's going to pay me a lot of money for it. and i think that's wonderful. still to come outrage continues over the government's surveillance program, but what about the other people who are watching us every single day? plus, a new psa re-creates the last moments of trayvon martin's life. something, by the way, forbidden in the courtroom. is it an important message or does it go way too far? the 1972 miami marlins finally get to the white house, there's a problem here and some of them didn't make the trip.
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the truck going airborne. this video was shot in michigan and posted to a website called vine. local police tell us the driver suffered from an unknown medical condition, veered into the median before going airborne. the truck as you can see soared into the air, dropped 15 to 20 feet into a dry creek bed which in the spring could have been filled with 12 feet of driver, shutout to the team that recovered the driver and is expected to make a full recovery. at a dry cleaner,
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we're going to start with stories where we focus on reporting from the front lines, so want to begin with an update on a story we've been looking for answers to for the past year. the attack in benghazi. cnn has learned that the four state department workers who were put on administrative leave after the benghazi attack are being offered their new positions at the state department. they include then assistant secretary of state eric boswell who was one of two officials responsible for approving or not as the case ended up being requests for more security. it's worth noting an accountability review board found that the deaths of the four americans were the result of, quote, systemic failures in leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels. but both the board and secretary john kerry don't believe these officials should lose their jobs. we have a lot more on benghazi on our blog including clips from our documentary "the truth about
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benghazi." it's back to jail for caitlin hunt. hunt's bond was revoke because prosecutors show that she secretly met with the girl after she was ordered not to. one text message allegedly sent from the girl to hunt reads, quote, brian asked me today if anyone saw us in the bathroom when we would do stuff. should i have said names? hunt according to authorities responded, quote, no. say nobody. hunt's family maintains that the relationship between the two girls was consensual. dr. oz to the rescue, the famous cardiac surgeon was in the right place at the right time and he stepped up to the plate. he helped treat a woman who was hit by a cab outside of his office in new york today. the cab careened up onto the sidewalk, hit this woman. dr. oz was there. he didn't pat himself on the back. he praised he roaric actions of plumber david justino who
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removed his belt that dr. oz used as a torn wet. topping the list of money on the hill, darrell issa's fortune rose to $355 million in 2012. that is -- that is wealthy by any "forbes" standard. his riches certainly are not tied to the $174,000 a year he makes on the hill, but the greenback he raked as director -- the founder, i'm sorry, of direct it electronics which is the company that makes the viper car alarm. remember this tv commercial? >> viper car. protected by viper. stand back. >> that is darrell issa's voice protected by viper, stand back. it is been 755 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back?
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most u.s. stocks are up ending a four-day down streak. all eyes on the fed tomorrow. minutes of its most recent meeting will come out. investors are desperate to find out when the fed will scale back its unprecedented stimulus for the u.s. economy. the sixth story "outfront" you are being watched. the obama administration, of course, has been on the defensive to say the least over its spy agencies collecting information on us. but it is not only the government that is keeping tabs on you. not even close. every single time you go on the internet and you search, a wealth of information about you, your family, and, yes, your most personal, personal details are being collected and sold. tom foreman with the first of a series of an "outfront" investigation. >> reporter: worth more than the company that produced the "star wars" films, more than mcdonald's makes in a year, even more than ferrari, that is how valuable internet advertising has become. raking in well over $30 billion annually, spurring a gold rush
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among companies for information about you. >> just in the last couple years you've seen a real explosion in sophistication of tracking and targeting technologies. >> reporter: jason brookman is with the center for democracy and technology. so let's talk about how this works. imagine there's a couple that finds out they are expecting a baby and they go online immediately to look up the word pregnancy. what happens? >> right. so right away they've shared with google that they're sprest interested in pregnancy, and then i start clicking on links. >> reporter: with every click powerful marketing companies drop electronic cookies onto our couple's track to record their browsing history and what they looked at and for how long and how much they spend. some may even link to the couple's real world shopping habits, noting that they purchased a home pregnancy test and suddenly in their e-mails, on their smartphones in social media sites comes an avalanche of ads for baby bottles, strollers, car seats, cribs and
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much more. and all of this could happen before this couple even tells their family that they're pregnant. >> yeah. >> reporter: and if you search something more delicate like sexually transmitted disease, infidelity or escorts those, too, would be tracked. and all of this is drawing the attention of the federal trade commission. >> consumers may be very concerned if their children's information is tracked in this way. and there are also questions about whether this information is -- who it's given to. can your employer get it? can your insurer get it and learn about, you know, all your habits? >> reporter: still, so far the government is relying on the internet ad industry to control itself. even as it grows steadily better at tracking your every move, purchase and click. for "outfront," i'm tom foreman in washington. >> pretty amazing, right? well, this is the first in a series and we'll have a lot more scary things about what's really happening out there coming up
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later this week. and the seventh story "outfront" a dramatic reenactment of the trayvon martin shooting. there's a 90-second service announcement that says re-creating the final encounter between george zimmerman and the florida teen, it uses actors, but it uses portions of the real 911 call. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay. we don't need you to do that. >> okay. >> all right. sir, what is your name? >> george. >> so, you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right. >> there's gunshots. >> who is saying they shot who? >> the ad is called "stand up to stand your ground" and as you can see it draw mattizes the shooting and urges voters to
11:38 pm
oppose the laws that exist in 26 states and while it's doing that it pans across the bodies of young boys dressed in hoodies that represent not just trayvon martin but they say shooting victims from stand your ground across the country. is this ad fair? does it go too far? i want to bring in "outfront" mark omera, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> what mothers you the most about this ad, or do you think it's fair? >> well, the real problem with it is that it's just the dramatic sort of fantasy of what really happened that night. i'm not sure why they have to reinterpret the facts of what happened. my greatest concern is that those people who are using this ad for certain purposes sort of are going to allow themselves to be ignored because the legislators who know better that this stuff doesn't represent the truth or the facts now have an opportunity to sort of ignore the message and ignore the messenger. i think they're hurting their own cause by doing something that doesn't base itself in fact. >> a spokesman person for trayvon martin's family did put
11:39 pm
out a statement which you may be aware of but let me read it. the at&ts are too emotional for the family to discuss at this time. however, they're committed to building the trayvon martin foundation and educating the public about how these laws need to be reviewed. now, mark, of course, as you're well aware "the tampa bay times" did a study of stand your ground cases, 73% of those who killed a black person faced no penalty. 59% who killed a white person faced no penalty. when looked at that way, it does seem that these laws need to be looked at again. do you acknowledge that at all, or no? >> no, i do. and actually, i've said in other times that we do need to maybe review the stand your ground statute, take a look at it and the see if it needs polishing in the area where it seems to tell people that you don't have to try another way out. my concern is the way that it's been presented is now 250 million, 300 million americans may be getting the wrong message about a self-defense statute that otherwise is a pretty good law.
11:40 pm
look at it and polish it up, but doing so with the dramatic overtone do it will allow things to be ignored and we'll not have a conversation unless we have a true, honest and straightforward one about what does need to be changed about the law. >> now, there's that conversation. then there's this, the fact that your client was acquitted, and your client is living in this country and there's ads like this that, you know, obviously put out a different picture, right? they presume that something was very wrong and that this was a wrong verdict. now, people are very passionate about this issue but nonetheless he's a citizen and he's allowed to live his life freely right now. does this ad further damage his reputation? make him even less safe? >> it absolutely does. what it does is sort of perpetuate the belief a week after this event happened in february of 2012 and says that george zimmerman is some racist murderer when all of the facts that have been supported by evidence and not by emotion suggest that he's not. unfortunately my hope maybe sort of polly annish as it was,
11:41 pm
people would listen to the verdict and the trial and instead we have this blowback by evidence that's not supported that now people believe in. >> have you spoken to george recently? how recently? what is he telling you? what's he doing? >> this past week he is doing okay. he is concerned about this sort of blowback or this reaction to a well-founded, not guilty verdict that people still want to believe that he did something wrong when the jury decided he didn't. and he's got sort of live in that type of fear still. and quite honestly, you know, the country we live in, the system that we utilize to dispense justice did so. it did so in a well-presented trial and we should have trust in it and move on from that point. >> and a final question to you, sir, everyone is waiting for what the department of justice would do, whether they will push ahead with a civil rights case. do you think that they will? >> eric holder said that they're looking into it. i know they started looking into it a year ago and stopped looking into it in april of 2012.
11:42 pm
i'm not sure what else they have to do but we welcome any investigation they want to do because we'd like to have it finalized once and for all. we certainly know and believe that the result of that investigation's going to be as it was last year, that there is no racism that was inherent in this case or obvious in this case or existing in this case. and i would just the doj to get to their job and then to announce, in fact, that there was no racist tendencies, no civil rights violations so the rest of the country can finally put that to rest. >> thanks so much. good to talk to you again. well, it's been 41 years since the 1972 miami dolphins won the super bowl and they finally got their visit to the white house. you usually get one. didn't happen back then. president obama hosted 31 players and the coach don shula at a ceremony today. it was a make-good because, you know, an appearance with the president was not possible back in 1973. nixon had, you know, other things going on at the time. anyway, incidentally three players, bob keuchenberg, jim langer and manny fernandez did
11:43 pm
not make the trip due to political differences with the current administration. still the 1972 miami dolphins went 14-0 in the regular season, then they won all three postseason games including super bowl vii, they remain the only nfl team to complete the entire season undefeated to the super bowl. which brings me the number four, the number of teams that have come close, only one loss during the regular and post seasons, the 1972 dolphins actually reportedly host a champagne host whenever an undefeated team finally loses a game which sounds unsportsmanlike to us. shouldn't they want to celebrate the next winners? maybe not. let us know what you think at twitter or should the white house start paing its interns? and senator ted cruz reaffirms his allegiance to america. but he did it in a pretty nasty way.
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to pay or not to pay? tonight the white house is under
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growing pressure to pay its interns, so here's how it works right now. interns at the white house are not paid. i mean, after all, you get to meet the president. housing is not provided. an intern should expect to work monday through friday 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. which i might editorialize is a lot shorter than anybody who has a i paing job in the white house. just because you call them an intern doesn't mean you can get out of paying minimum wage. does the argument add up? or does the experience a student get worth its weight in gold? after all, you come in with no skills and you leave with the ability to get a real good job and tell everybody you met the president. great to have all of you here. joe, let me start with you, 9:00 to 6:00 monday through friday, that's a part-time job for the white house. i'm just kidding, but that is a full-time job, so why shouldn't they be paid for the work? >> because they're getting so many other things when they're interning at the white house, erin. they are getting experience, not just the kind of you get in college when you dabble with a couple of things, you get
11:49 pm
practical hands-on experience. you get people to write recommendations for you, if i'm in journalism and jay carney writes a recommendation to say, hey, you should hire this guy, i think he'll pay more attention to that than the guy working at the shake shack over the summer, right? and networking, all the people you meet along the way. these are valuable things that give you long-term prospects that you cannot get anywhere else and you can no the get in a classroom. >> i have to say, i wouldn't expect -- if i were offered an internship like that and i wasn't related to anybody that would allow me to get that, which is a bigger issue with the internships, why should i want to be paid? >> you are making their point for them, because the thing is that, yeah, social networks matter. getting access to the resources are matters, but not everyone can afford to take an unpaid internship, right? >> fair point. >> if i'm an employer, i want people who are motivated and dedicated and are actually willing to do real work.
11:50 pm
and if i'm not giving them a payment, what i'm going to create is a fun experience for them, right? and that's not actually training you for the real world of work. >> right. >> the kid who is working at the shake shack is actually going to get more valuable experience than the person who comes where they are essentially being entertained, where it's essentially an obligation for the actual employees of the organization to keep the kids -- >> interesting point. >> -- to give them some faux busy work and an imaginary look at what the real work life is like. it's not like that at all. you want to show them to be responsible and show up on time and for that you pay people.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
to have free labor. as much free labor as they can take on but the same for progressive radio and anything else and yet, we say hey, we'll impose a wage floor on you. we'll do that because we believe this protects the interest of workers and i think we should be more flexible about that. >> interesting point. >> it makes sense to pay them a training wage, but if you do that for one group, you have to do it for all firms. >> everyone, please let us know what you think. a former intern of p. diddy is suing him because he had to get lunch, decorate the office and make lunch. but she got to work for p. diddy. the "out front out take." it's been a rough day for our
11:53 pm
friends in canada. it's true, despite being born in calgary, canada, senator cruise decided to turn his back on the neighbors to the north, his people and wrap himself in the american flag. but? what would cause him to leave them out in the cold. he thinks the american voters wouldn't accept someone with dual citizenship between canada and the united states as president. in his mind canadians don't have the self made can do spirit. when it comes to can do, don't forget what canada has done. they brought us the electric wheelchair, the snowblower, the pacemaker, the egg carton, insulin, alkaline battery, the garage bag, the game of basketball, that would be interesting to prove, and the
11:54 pm
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when promoting their books, authors don't usually have the resources that film makers do but one idea could change it forever. >> reporter: in film, television and video games use slick marketing campaigns to promote work, books often fall through the cracks but one author's idea could change that. when marissia is discusses "night film" it's easy to forget she's talking about a book at all. >> i'm standing here where the first scene takes place. the main character is a washed up journalist and he encounters a mysterious young woman who
11:59 pm
later ends up dead. >> reporter: because like some other novelist, she is looking beyond the book using trailers, apps and digital content to promote and enhance her story. >> i wrote five short films, and they are basically windows into the world of night film, introducing readers to the universal. we're at a really interesting time right now in terms of content creation, and boundaries that previously existed between books and film and television and the internet and mobile devices aren't so rigged anymore. >> reporter: the response online is positive. she's optimistic the idea can grow. >> so much of story telling now is a 360-degree experience. i like the idea of writers feeling that they don't have to be confined to a particular medium anymore, and they can have a larger landscape in which to play and be creative and sell
12:00 am
stories. the novel itself is not going away, but there is a place for invasion and taking risks and that's probably where i'm going to be staying. >> invasion and taking risks and changing the way books live in our lives but keeping them a part of them is pretty exciting, welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. guns, why it's time to do something about them. tonight two. georgia, children are safe after a gunman with an ak-47 opened fire at an elementary school. the gunman was 20 years old. >> an australian baseball player here on a scholarship gunned down dead by three teenagers done by they said the fun on it. >> senseless. there is nothing he could have done. >> why kids kill. plus a beloved hollywood legend escapes death and tweets about it.

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